Armstrong Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl Sheet Flooring. We’ve reinvented vinyl sheet flooring to give you products that combine incredible realism and comfort with durability and affordability. Take a look at vinyl sheet with Diamond 10® Technology — your floor will look newer, longer

Congoleum Flooring

Luxury Sheet Flooring

Since 1886 Congoleum has been committed to developing innovative flooring products that push the industry forward. Congoleum holds numerous patents for novel creations over the years and these patents have resulted in products that are like no others in the industry.

Congoleum manufactures residential and commercial resilient products that are engineered with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and that demonstrate Congoleum`s styling and design leadership. Congoleum`s has plans for a successful future that includes enhanced products and styles that will show off our true flooring expertise.

Mohawk Flooring

Find your perfect flooring.

SolidTech is the only vinyl brand on the market designed with a waterproof and stain-resistant system capable of withstanding family life with kids and pets running through a home on a daily basis.  Superior performance in wet areas, such as basements and bathrooms and provides easy maintenance for spills. Solidtech keeps spills on the surface making cleanup tremendously easy. Solidtech’s engineered finish makes it stain and scuff resistant. Provides Rigid Core for dent resistance for extreme durability in high traffic areas.

Shaw Floors

Floors that work hard so everything else is easy.

Voted #1 – they take flooring seriously at Shaw. For 40 years, Shaw has been noted for exceptional quality and products. Shaw’s Vision is creating a better future: for our customers, for our people, for our company and for our communities. Their Mission is great people. great products. great service. always. Their Values are honesty, integrity, passion.